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Since 1995, we have successfully served thousands of clients in Texas and around the world. We have been providing a range of legal services to our clients over that past 20 years.

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Paul Neal Moody

Paul has been a practicing attorney since 1992, and he has represented literally thousands of clients during his career. He has tried cases in federal and district court, has represented clients in appeals before the Southern District of Texas and the Federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and has appeared at countless administrative hearings and consular interviews. However, it is not the volume of clients or variety of cases of which he is most proud; it is his record of having accomplished a successful result for the vast majority of these clients.

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Our Approach To Legal Representation

Identify Issues: We take very seriously the role of the lawyer as counsel. Of course we draft documents, file pleadings, and argue in court, but fundamental to everything we do is the advice and guidance we provide our clients.
Discuss All Options: Having some legal recourse does not necessarily mean it is prudent to pursue it.  Practicality is the guiding principle in discussing a legal strategy with our clients.  In every case the desired goal is evaluated in terms of the probability and cost of success.
Ensure Client Satisfaction And Convenience: For those clients who decide to pursue a legal goal – claim damages suffered in an accident, seek benefit, or file for bankruptcy – we strive to make the experience as comfortable and affordable as possible. We won’t represent you in a case just to make money; the case has to make sense for you.

Identify Issues:
Before we do anything, we thoroughly discuss the situation with each client, identifying each issue of concern. Sometimes there is a legal solution; Sometimes there is not.

Discuss All Options:
Even if the client desires not to pursue a case because of the cost, risk, or delay, we have performed an important role in providing the information necessary to make such a decision.

Ensure Client Satisfaction & Convenience:
For the most bankruptcy petitions, we are prepared guarantee a result, and for all personal injury claims, we are always prepared to reduce our fees. If necessary to ensure that we do not make more money than you off your claim.

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