We have successfully served thousands of clients in Texas and around the World since 1995. We started our office as an immigration law firm, but have since expanded to provide a range of legal services to our clients.

Professional Service/Personal Commitment
Our goal is to always provide professional advice and practical solutions to our clients’ legal problems. In an age of mega firms and escalating fees, we emphasize the personal aspect of legal service. With this level of personalized attention lacking in larger firms, our clients better understand and feel more comfortable with their legal experience. Every effort is made to foster this kind of relationship between our associates, and each client. We understand that your case is not exactly like any other, and our associates and staff will provide you with the attention and respect your unique case deserves.

Our Clients
While we have represented companies, and even foreign governments, most of our firm’s clients are individuals. Some are wealthy and some are poor, but they all are in need of counsel and guidance in a legal system which has become increasingly complex and unforgiving. Furthermore, our clients usually tend to be the underdog. Whether it be someone injured by a negligent and uncaring company, a consumer taken advantage of by an unscrupulous business practice, or an intending immigrant seeking the benefits offered by the Government, most of our clients are at an extreme disadvantage when they come to us. Our job is to not only protect your interests, but to also minimize your cost and stress during the process.

Range of Legal Services
Today, we assist clients in the following areas of law:

  • Personal Injury
  • Debtor Defense and Bankruptcy
  • Consumer Protection
  • Immigrant Investment
  • Matrimonial and Divorce