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Paul N. Moody

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Paul Moody - Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

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Juris Doctorate

University of Houston Law Center – 1992 (Top 25%)

Master of Arts

McGill University – 1989

Bachelor of Arts

University of Texas at San Antonio – 1986 (magna cum laude)

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While we have represented companies, and even foreign governments, most of our firm’s clients are individuals. Some are wealthy and some are poor, but they all are in need of counsel and guidance in a legal system which has become increasingly complex and unforgiving. Furthermore, our clients usually tend to be the underdog. Whether it be someone injured by a negligent and uncaring company, a consumer taken advantage of by an unscrupulous business practice, or an intending immigrant seeking the benefits offered by the Government, most of our clients are at an extreme disadvantage when they come to us. Our job is to not only protect your interests, but to also minimize your cost and stress during the process.

If you need legal advice, contact the firm to schedule a consultation. Free consultation for Personal Injury cases only.

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