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Commercial trucks include 18-wheelers, big box trucks and the smaller box trucks and vans you see everyday on the busy Houston roadways.  These large vehicles can cause a lot of damage when they are involved in a motor vehicle accidents.  According to the IIHS, 4,119 people died in large truck accidents in 2019 of which 67% were the occupants of cars and other passenger vehicles.  15% were pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists.  Accidents involving 18-wheelers and other large commercial vehicles can and do result in serious injuries and death.

Attorney Paul Moody has helped thousands of injured victims over the many years he has practiced personal injury law and he can help you or your loved one get the compensation they deserve.

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What to do after a truck accident

On these busy Houston freeways and roadways, accidents involving commercial trucks and 18-wheelers are becoming more and more common.  If you have been involved in an accident there are some steps you can take to give you the best chance of getting the money you deserve to get your life back in order.

Your health is your first priority.  If you have been injured or think you have been injured, it is best that you are assessed by medical personnel. Call 911 and report the accident.  It is important for your case that the extent of your injuries are documented.  Injuries sustained in the accident may result in short, long or permanent disabilities that may determine your settlement.

If you are able, gather as much information as possible.  That includes the other driver(s) information and insurance, accident location, road and weather conditions and witnesses.  Take photos if possible.  The police officer on scene should provide you with a case number you will need to obtain the crash report.

It is always a good idea to talk to an experienced car accident attorney after a serious accident involving injuries.  You may have sustained short, long or permanent disabilities.  Insurance companies will work hard to give you the least amount of money to settle your case.  An attorney will make sure all your loss is figured into the settlement amount.  Studies have shown that people represented by attorney typically get up to 40% more settlement amounts than those that handle the case themselves.

Houston Truck Accident Statistics

Houston is experiencing explosive growth and with that comes the ever present road and highway construction.  This and sheer population results in car accidents every day.  Many of these car accidents result in injuries.  A significant amount has people being seriously injured and needing medical attention.  In these serious cases, it is very important that you seek the advice of an experienced car accident attorney like Paul Moody.  They will represent you and make sure you get the compensation you deserve to get your life back on track as much as possible.

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Commercial Truck Accident Are Different

Commercial vehicles and 18-wheelers are governed by a different set of regulations and laws when it comes to accidents that make it stand out above typical motor vehicle accidents between two commuter cars.  Commercial vehicles include 18-wheelers, large box trucks, buses, vans, postal trucks, emergency vehicles and large vans.

Commercial vehicles are required to carry substantially more insurance due to the amount of damage they can cause in an accident.  Additionally, commercial vehicle drivers are governed by a set of rules that regulates the operating of their vehicles.  Businesses that use commercial vehicles must ensure they are in good working order and properly hire and train drivers.

As such, it is a good idea to retain an experienced personal injury attorney like Paul Moody to help you navigate the process to get the compensation you deserve from your truck accident.  Attorney Paul Moody know the state and local regulations and will ensure no stone is left unturned in your case.

Frequently Asked Auto Accidents Questions

If you have been involved in a serious truck accident with injuries or property damage, it is important that you consult an experienced personal injury to help you with your case.  An insurance company will work to devalue your case and give you the smallest settlement possible.  There may be many issues that have not been taken into consideration in determining the amount of compensation.

Unlike other lawyers, personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis which means that they take no money upfront and only get paid if they win your case and you receive a settlement.  That seems like a win-win situation but even with contingency fee arrangements, the personal injury attorney you choose can have a big impact on the amount of money you get.  Choose a local attorney that knows the local laws and experienced in car accidents with a track record of winning cases.

There are many factors that a personal injury attorney uses to determine the amount of compensation that a client should receive for an accident.  Each accident is different with mitigating factors and determining fault.  A good personal injury attorney will gather information to best help the client get the most compensation for his/her client.

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If you have been involved in an accident involving a commercial vehicle and you sustained serious injuries, it is very important to seek legal advice on how to proceed.  Taking on a large company and its insurance provider can be daunting and they have processes in place to minimize their financial impact.  Attorney Paul Moody will make sure to build the strongest case possible, taking into account all your pain, suffering and loss to maximize your settlement offer.  Studies show that injury victims represented by an attorney receive much more compensation than those that settle on their own with the insurance companies.

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