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The Moody Law Firm is dedicated to professional legal representation for personal injury and family law cases. Attorney Paul Moody is passionate about defending victims of accidents as well as families that need help in divorce and child custody cases. For over 20 years, Paul has successfully represented thousands of clients. Serious injuries and divorce can turn lives upside down. Paul is here to help work through the legal process with compassion and proven results.

Expect More From Your Attorney.

What do we mean expect more?  The fact is not all Houston attorneys are the same.  Unfortunately, over time personal injury attorneys have gotten a bad reputation as “ambulance-chasers” more interested in their own financial gain.  Family law attorneys have similar reputations as not caring and just in it for the quick retainers. Attorney Paul Moody is here to change that stereotype.  As and experienced and licensed attorney, Paul is here to help you through the process of getting compensated for your losses after a serious injury and helping you through tough divorce and child custody cases.

When it comes to personal injury cases, insurance companies will try and minimize the amount of money they have to pay.  It is their job.  Paul’s job is to represent your best interests.  To get you the money you deserve to try and get your life back together.  You can expect Paul to relentlessly pursue the other parties involved and use the law to make you whole again.  You need a personal injury lawyer that has the knowledge, experience and resources to go up against these insurance companies.

As for family law, you can be assured that Paul will be your relentless advocate. From pre-nuptial agreements to divorce and child custody, Paul will learn what you want and negotiate on your behalf with the other parties concerned and the court.

What We Offer

For personal injury cases, Paul will never take attorney’s fees for more money than the amount of your net settlement. Sounds like an odd thing to say but it happens a lot more than you would think.  In fact, it happens more often than not.  But Paul Moody promises never to take more money than you at the end of your case.

For family law cases, Paul will provide compassionate but aggressive legal representation to support your case. You will need both in a contested divorce. Emotions play a great part in divorce and child custody cases. Paul is an experienced and well-connected family lawyer that will work hard to achieve the best results for you and your children.

Paul, or someone qualified from Paul’s office will come see you personally.  No need to get back on the road and fight Houston traffic to get to our office.  We will meet you at your home or wherever you would like to discuss your case.

Paul Moody - Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

So what can you expect from Paul Moody?


Representing thousands of clients over the past 20+ years, Paul understands the pain and frustrations that people experience in personal injury and family law cases.  He will ensure that you are taken care of to the best of his ability and that you know that he is working hard to get you the best results possible.


Paul will make sure that you are always “in the know” about the status of your case.  Personal injury cases can take a significant amount of time especially if they are contested.  Divorce and child custody cases can be just as drawn out if contested. Just know that Paul is constantly working for you to get you the best results.  If you ever need to know anything, just call us.


When it comes right down to it, the main reason you need an attorney is because you have been seriously injured or need representation in a family matter.  You need financial compensation for your medical bills, loss of work, disabilities and many other issues.  You need your property to be equitably separated. You need a child custody arrangement that is in the best interest of your children. Attorney Paul Moody will get results.

Our Practice Areas

Attorney Paul Moody is experienced in handling serious personal injury and family law cases in the Greater Houston metropolitan area and all over Texas. When it comes to personal injury cases, he handles all types of accidents such as from car accidents to wrongful death cases. In family law, he handles many divorces, child custody cases as well as prenuptial and post-marital agreements.  Make a quick call to the Moody Law Firm for a free initial consultation.

Car Accidents

Accidents involving commuter cars and trucks

Truck Accidents

Accidents involving commercial trucks and 18-wheelers

Child Support

Child custody cases involving child support and conservatorship issues.

Paul Cares About You

Paul Moody has been practicing law for nearly three decades.  He has tried cases in both federal and district courts. Additionally, he has represented clients in appeals before the Southern District of Texas and the Federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and has appeared at countless administrative hearings and consular interviews. However, it is not the volume of clients or variety of cases of which he is most proud; it is his record of having accomplished a successful result for the vast majority of these clients.

Expect more from your personal injury attorney

Paul Moody Personal Injury Attorney