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Houston is home to one of the largest commerce hubs in the world and because of this we have a robust network of railroads that carry goods and many times hazardous materials from the Houston Ship Channel out to the U.S.  We also have an active AmTrak station near downtown.  Employees of railroads are governed by a different set of laws and regulations that determines how they can be compensated for damages from an at work accident.  Railroad workers are not covered under traditional workers compensation programs.

Railroad workers are protected by the Federal Employers Liability Act or FELA.  Injured railroad workers or families of those that may have been killed from a railroad accident can sue the employer and anyone else that was liable for the accident.  A family you uses FELA and an experienced railroad accident attorney can obtain far more compensation for damages than traditional workers’ compensation claims.

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What to do after a railroad accident

If you are a railroad worker and you have been injured in an accident while at work, you are covered under FELA to get compensated for damages.  There are some things you should do to

Your health is your first priority.  If you have been injured at work as a railroad worker, make sure your supervisor knows you have been involved in an accident that resulted in an injury and seek medical attention.  Even if you feel you may not need to go to the hospital, you should get evaluated.  You may have injuries that you are not aware of.

Your supervisor should be gathering information about your accident as part of safety protocols, but you can also get information such as witnesses, photos, descriptions of conditions prior to and during the accident.  All this information can help your personal injury attorney build a case for you to get maximum compensation

It is always a good idea to talk to an experienced railroad accident attorney after a serious accident involving injuries.  You may have sustained short, long or permanent disabilities.  Insurance companies will work hard to give you the least amount of money to settle your case.  An attorney will make sure all your loss is figured into the settlement amount.  Studies have shown that people represented by attorney typically get up to 40% more settlement amounts than those that handle the case themselves.

US Railroad Accident Statistics

The Office of Safety branch of the Federal Railroad Administration has reported in the past ten years alarming statistics regarding railroad workers.

Railroad Accidents
Serious Injuries

How do railroad worker accident occur?

Under FELA, railroad companies are responsible for the safety of their employees and are liable for

  • Unsafe work conditions
  • Defective equipment
  • Safety hazards
  • Inadequate training
  • Inadequate safety monitoring
  • No enforcement of safety protocols

Frequently Asked Auto Accidents Questions

One of the advantages of FELA is that an injured railroad worker need only prove that his or her employer was partially responsible in order to file a claim. Attorney Paul Moody can help identify where your employer failed to provide the necessary protections that may have caused you injury.

Unlike other lawyers, personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis which means that they take no money upfront and only get paid if they win your case and you receive a settlement.  That seems like a win-win situation but even with contingency fee arrangements, the personal injury attorney you choose can have a big impact on the amount of money you get.  Choose a local attorney that knows the local laws and experienced in railroad worker accidents with a track record of winning cases.

The value of a FELA lawsuit depends on the evidence’s unique circumstances, the extent of the victim’s injuries, and if they filed before the statute of limitations on their case expired. Typically, if the injuries result from an accident occurring through the railroads’ negligence, the victim has three years in federal court to file a claim.

However, if the injuries result from exposure to toxic substances, cumulative trauma, occupational illness, or repetitive stress injury, the time-restricted law may be expanded.

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Protection for railroad workers under FELA is not automatic like Texas Workers Compensation.  An injured railroad worker must prove their employer was at fault.  An experienced railroad accident attorney can help you win your case.  Attorney Paul Moody will investigate your case, gather the necessary information and properly file your case.  Even if you were to blame for your injury, you may still be entitled to compensation. Remember, your employer is responsible for paying compensation even if they were only 1% to blame.

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