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Houston is a global leader in manufacturing petrochemicals, with the Houston Ship Channel recognized as the largest petrochemical complex in the U.S.  Today, the chemical industry employs more than 100,000 workers directly with another 500,000+ related jobs in Texas and about half of those jobs are in the Houston region.  Although chemical plants are highly regulated and maintains stringent safety standards, accidents do happen and when they do serious injuries and death can occur.  The damage is not only for employees but for the public that lives around these chemical plants.

Attorney Paul Moody is an experienced personal injury attorney that has helped thousands of injured victims get the compensation they deserve for their injuries, pain and suffering.  He is very familiar with the industries in and around Houston and can help you with your personal injury case.

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What to do if you have been injured

It seems that some sort of refinery or petrochemical accident is in the news every month. Houston is the busiest city in the nation when it comes to chemical plants and the transportation of hazardous materials.  If you have been seriously injured as a worker or nearby resident, follow these steps:

Your health is your first priority.  If you have been injured or think you have been injured, it is best that you are assessed by medical personnel. Call 911 and report the injury.  It is important for your case that the extent of your injuries are documented.  Injuries sustained in the accident may result in short, long or permanent disabilities that may determine your settlement.

If you are able, gather as much information as possible and take photos if they can help determine the injuries you sustained and the circumstances during the accident.  If you are an employee, it is important that your supervisor reports the at work injury for workers compensation to kick in.  Either way, document the incident as much as possible with witness information if possible.

Whether you are a resident near a petrochemical accident that received injuries or you are an employee affected by the accident, it is always a good idea to seek legal counsel pertaining to your case especially if you sustained significant injuries.  There may be legal recourse that you are not aware of.  Initial consultation for injury or wrongful death claims are free with no obligation.  Attorney Paul Moody will ask you about the events of the case and let you know what legal options you have to make an informed decision.

The Houston metro area is home to 10 major oil refineries. According to the Greater Houston Partnership, these refineries are responsible for processing more than 45 percent of the oil produced in Texas. Refineries in other areas of Texas, including Port Arthur, Galveston, Corpus Christi, Baytown, and Beaumont, are responsible for more than one-fourth of all oil production in the United States.

Houston Petrochemical Accident Statistics

1989 – Explosions at Phillips 66 refinery killed more that 20 workers and seriously injured 300 more.

1999 – Pipe explosion in Phillips Petroleum plant kills two contractors and injured three workers

2000 – Explosion at same Phillips plant killed one worker and injured over 70 more

2005 – Explosion at BP’s Texas City refinery killed 15 workers and injured 170.

2019 – Fire and explosion at the TPC Group Inc. plant in Port Neches forced 50,000 people to evacuate the area, about 90 minutes from Houston. Three workers were injured in the incident.

Frequently Asked Petrochemcial Accidents Questions

There are a lot of variables that determine how much your case is worth as well as some intangibles that maybe determined by a jury.  In most cases, the severity of the injuries sustained, if the injuries will result in long term or permanent disability and the level of negligence by the petrochemical company can have huge impacts on the damages awarded.  An experienced petrochemical injury attorney will take into account all these variables as he builds a strong case for your injury case.

Unlike other lawyers, personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis which means that they take no money upfront and only get paid if they win your case and you receive a settlement.  That seems like a win-win situation but even with contingency fee arrangements, the personal injury attorney you choose can have a big impact on the amount of money you get.  Choose a local attorney that knows the local laws and experienced in petrochemical accidents with a track record of winning cases.

Refineries and petrochemical plants have many different companies, contractors and parties that can be held liable for accidents that resulted in injuries.  An experienced personal injury attorney will thoroughly investigate on your behalf and file your injury claim with everyone that was liable in the accident that caused your injuries.

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Houston and the surrounding cities has always been one of the busiest when it comes to refineries and petrochemical plants.  Accident can and do happen and typically results in serious injuries and death.  If you or a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of a petrochemical explosion or accident, speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer.  Attorney Paul Moody can help you determine if you have a viable case and what your chances of getting compensated for your injuries.  He will help you navigate the legal system as well as lead the investigation to help you maximize the money you collect.  He works on a contingency basis so you pay nothing out of pocket and he only gets paid if he wins your case.

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