When you suffer a serious personal injury, your whole life changes in an instant. From the moment of your accident, your focus is on making a full recovery and figuring out how to pay for it. The Moody Law Firm represents personal injury victims throughout the greater Houston area with their wrongful death and personal injury claims.


Auto Accidents:
In car, truck, and motorcycle accidents on the road, we can help you hold the negligent parties responsible.


Boat Accidents:
Recreational water vehicles are in abundance in this region. From boats to jet ski’s, accidents can and will happen and when it they do; our attorneys are prepared to take the necessary steps.


Workplace Injury:
If you have been injured at work, we can help you file for workers’ compensation and explore any additional personal injury claims that may be available.


Workers’ Compensation:
Every worker who has been injured at work is entitled to fair and just workers’ compensation, but without the right help, they do not always get it.


Defective Products Liability:
From children’s toys to guns and firearms, dangerous and defective products can cause serious harm to the people you love.


Dangerous Pharmaceutical Drugs:
Have side effects from your prescription medication caused more damage than good?

Many of our clients have suffered serious and life-altering injuries as a result of their accidents. If you have suffered a brain injury, broken bones, spinal cord injury, paralysis, burns, amputation, or damaged joints, do not wait to get the proper medical attention you need.