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We offer a variety of legal services. Check our list below and call us for a consultation at 713-977-9900.

We represent those who have suffered bodily injury or property damage caused by the negligence of someone else.

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We specialize in Divorce & Child Custody. Contact us and one of our customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible.

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We represent individual and business debtors in defense litigation and bankruptcy.

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Bankruptcy is not for everyone. Some individuals and businesses do not qualify; others prefer to settle their debts outside of the bankruptcy court. Whether it be negotiating the debt owed, or litigating the validity or amount of the debt in court, we can help you solve your debt problems.

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We represent individuals in all aspects of matrimonial law, including divorce, prenuptial agreements, marital property agreements, adoptions, and enforcement issues.

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We represent consumers who have suffered losses because of unethical or otherwise wrong business practices.

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As part of our belief that no case should be too small for the pursuit of justice, we review every consumer complaint as a possible class action lawsuit. For those not familiar with the concept of a class action lawsuit, it is a legal mechanism by which an attorney can ask a court to permit the representation of a group of claimants who essentially have the same complaint against the same defendant. Utilization of this legal procedure makes it possible to sometimes represent clients whose claims would otherwise not be economically practical.

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Legal Services- Moody Law Firm

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to always provide professional advice and practical solutions to our clients’ legal problems. In an age of mega firms and escalating fees, we emphasize the personal aspect of legal service. With this level of personalized attention lacking in larger firms, our clients better understand and feel more comfortable with their legal experience. Every effort is made to foster this kind of relationship between our associates, and each client. We understand that your case is not exactly like any other, and our associates and staff will provide you with the attention and respect your unique case deserves.

We are proud to offer multilingual legal services: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Spanish.











Our Approach To Legal Representation

Identify Issues: We take the role of the lawyer as counsel very seriously. At Moody Law Firm, our legal services include drafting documents, file pleadings, and arguing in court, but fundamental to everything we do is the advice and guidance we provide our clients.
Discuss All Options: Having some legal recourse does not necessarily mean it is prudent to pursue it. Practicality is the guiding principle in discussing a legal strategy with our clients. In every case the desired goal is evaluated in terms of the probability and cost of success.
Ensure Client Satisfaction And Convenience: For those clients who decide to pursue a legal goal – claim damages suffered in an accident, seek benefit, or file for bankruptcy – we strive to make the experience as comfortable and affordable as possible. We won’t represent you in a case just to make money; the case has to make sense for you.

Identify Issues:
Before we do anything, we thoroughly discuss the situation with each client, identifying each issue of concern. Sometimes there is a legal solution; Sometimes there is not.

Discuss All Options:
Even if the client desires not to pursue a case because of the cost, risk, or delay, we have performed an important role in providing the information necessary to make such a decision.

Ensure Client Satisfaction & Convenience:
For the most bankruptcy petitions, we are prepared guarantee a result, and for all personal injury claims, we are always prepared to reduce our fees. If necessary to ensure that we do not make more money than you off your claim.


Read What Our Clients Say About Our Legal Services
Brad K.

I needed help with a contract matter .. what a great Lawyer Paul is .. if you need legal help don’t hesitate!

Amy S

I cannot say thank you enough to Mr. Paul Moody. I needed help and did not know where to turn. He answered my call and we talked way too long and I know I asked way to many questions, but Mr. Moody could not have been more patient. He can help you and he will help you. Please call him if you have issues with a personal injury like I did. It seemed that all the others I talked to were more interested in the money they would earn. Mr. Moody guaranteed be that his firm would NOT make more than even I did. He lived up to his promise. Thank you, thank you. If you need Legal help, this man is the one you want!

Phuong Ha

Thank you Mr. Moody. I had nowhere else to turn. I call and when you people answer the phone I know it right place to talk. Thank you so much for help. Please, anyone who need help call Mr. Moody! He will help you.